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These are the trips you'll need a Passport for!  And it's worth it!

Whether you're traveling abroad to learn more about your family history, see sights and architecture, religious travel, to fulfill a lifelong dream, or just because, this trip is bound to be a memorable one!

We've selected a handful that we think will interest you, and that offer wonderful inclusions and destinations, with reputable companies.  Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to add-on to a vacation to travel to an additional country or spend more time there.

We can book your Air, Car, Rail, Cruise, Hotel, and more!

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Int'l Vacations


A better way to travel...  In a world of travel options, there is nothing like Monograms.  Some vacation packages are designed around group tours, while others leave you to navigate new world on your own.  Monograms is different!  They arrange your acommodations with expertise for hassle-free independent travel, but go one step further and provide a friendly, expert Local Host to assist you.  You'll never have to guess about logistics, schedules, points of interest, local cuisine, entertainment, or anything you need to know.  Monograms has the key to TRAVELING INDEPENDENTLY - WITH A LOCAL EXPERT AT YOUR SERVICE.  Wish at first-rate selection of vacation packages to choose from, Monograms is with you every step of the way-while never getting in the way of your vacation.

 -A choice of hand-selected, centrally located hotels

 -Transportation between cities and countries, including reserved premium seating on high-speed train service

 -Guided sightseeing and VIP access to many must-see sights 

 -Customizable choices for optional excursions and accommodation upgrades

 -An expert Monograms Local Host at your service in each city


With Monograms, you have the flexibility to personalize your vacation by choosing the number of nights you wish to stay in select European cities. 

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